Saturday, December 03, 2005


Dear All,
How do we empower a whole state, empathize with its teeming masses, and share our experiences for achieving the human potential of Orissa(Odisha) --- and thus perhaps of the nation? This blog is meant to share our experiences to enable and empower each other -- in some fundamental yet simple ways to streghten the foundations of the state and her people, and to participate in a well-guided investment in future. What kind of development path(s) should Orissa and all her well-wishers should adopt and nurture for the state.

Why and how should we avoid famishment on one side and borrowed "steroids" for development on the other?
How do we influence individuals and small groups and bring about internal transformation, strength, freedom, and regional/societal balance to reach up to the potential?
Thus this is the place to share your relevant experiences, tips, considered thoughts, learnings from your actions, and vision -- small or big.


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The blogspot name you chose is very important to older people - if you dont wish to use it regulary them please delete it so that others can use the name!!

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